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Brief exam guide (ENG)

* Late Entry: Existe la posibilidad de matricularse pasada la fecha límite, para consultar condiciones contacte con el centro examinador
llamando al 976 333333

The BEC suite of examinations offers an English language qualification for learners wishing to use English for the purposes of international business. They are practical examinations that focus on the application of language in dealing with real-world business situations. There are three BEC levels - Prelimnary, Vantage and Higher and at each level there are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking components.

BEC Vantage is aimed at a B2 level of competece and is intended for people working in business or preparing for a career in business.  It is intended for people who are either already in bussiness-orientated work or preparing to pursue such a career. BEC Vantage is designed to encourage the development o the skills required by students progressing towards BEC Higher.

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