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This privacy policy refers to the web site (hereon the "site"). ModLang SL (hereon ModLang) informs users about its personal data protection (hereon Personal Data) so that users may freely and voluntarily decide whether they wish to give their personal data to ModLang which they mate be requested to do in order to register for a course or complete an application or for other purposes. ModLang reserves the right to amend the present policy in order to adapt it to new laws or regulations or other practices.

Should this iccur, ModLang will inform of such changes befote they are introduced. Certain facilities on the site may be affected by special conditions with specific warnings regarding Data Protection.

Personal data will be dealt with automatically and incorporated directly into the corresponding data bases (automatic files containing personal information- hereon files) which are the property and responsibility of ModLang. Modlang will provide users with the appropriate technical resources so that they may previously access the Privacy Policy or any other relevant information and agree to it so that ModLang can deal with Personal Data automatically. Unless otherwise stated, responses to questions about Personal Details are voluntary and not answering them will not affect the quality or quantity of the service provided unless this is mentioned.

The user promises that the Personal Data given to ModLang are trae and is responsable for notifying any changes.

The automatic reception and treatment of Personal Data will be used for the purpose of contracts with ModLang, the administration of its services and improvements or additions to the alter which the User chooses to subscribe oro r adapt to his/her own tastes and preferentes. The study of how services are used by Users, the designo f new related services, the sendi of technical, operacional or comercial information about products and services belonging to ModLang or other third parties by tradicional electronic means. The procedure for collecting and filing Personal Data automatically also incluyes the mailing of questionnaires which the user is not obliged to complete.

ModLang has adopted the legally required levels of protection for Personal Data and will install other means and technial measures available to it in order to avoid the loss, mishandling, altering or unauthorised access to or stealing of Personal Data supplied to ModLang. Users should however be aware that Internet security measures may not always be failproof. ModlLang will use cookies as the User navigates on the part and pages of the site. The cookies available for use in part or page of the site are only associated to the Navigator of one individual computer (an anonymous User) and do not show of their own accord the name and surname of the user. Thanks to these cookies ModLang can racognise navigators of registered Users once they have registered for the first time so that they do not need to register each time they visit the site in order to access areas or services exclusively reserved for them.

ModLang cookies are not able t oread data from cookie files created by other suppliers. ModLang status the indentification data of the User for further security. The user may set his/her navigator in order to be informe don the screen when a cookie comes in and prevent them entering the hard disk. For further information about this please see your navigator instructions and manual. To use the site is not necessary for the user to allow cookies sent by ModLang to be installed, but in this case the User will be required to register as a User in each service where this is required. The cookies used in aparts and pages on the site can be sent by ModLang in which cse may come from different servers operated by them or from certain servers belongign to third parties who lend their services and serve cookies for ModLang (such as the cookies used to serve publicity or certain contenets and enable the User to see the publicity or contents in a set time, nuber or times and in predetermined ways.) As long as the option preventing the installation of cookies in your hard disk has not been activated you may explore your hard disk following the instruction manual and with the help of the operating system (normally in Windows operative systems you will have to consult the "C" folder or the corresponding disk unit.) /Windows/cookies in order to find out more details about each server cookies are sent from.
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