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ModLang is a private language centre exclusively dedicated to teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Based in the city of Zaragoza, it was founded in 1986 and was the first language teaching institution to become certified by ISO 9000 Quality Standards in 1998. It is the winner of European and national awards for Business Excellence including that of European Finalist of the European Foundation for Quality Management and has been an official Examination Centre for Cambridge University English exams since 1989.

The Professional Training System, ModLang´s exclusive teaching system, is the key to the prestige and success of the organization and also forms the basis for the teaching programmes of its Summer Courses which were first introduced in 1989 and for which ModLang holds an excellent reputation.

The city of Zaragoza, of Roman origin, is a now buzzing, cosmopolitan city which has kept its truly Spanish feel offering visitors plenty to see and do. It is well- communicated by motorway and high-speed train and has an international airport with flights to London Stansted. Being situated in North east Spain it is close enough to the coast, the Pyrenean Mountains, Barcelona, Pamplona and Madrid for weekend visits.

Every Summer teachers looking for a new experience join us from all over the world. Many are young graduates from the UK and Ireland.

¡Sólo enseñamos inglés!
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